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May 31, 2006

Blogging for LGBT Families

While it's not quite June 1st over here in California, I'm ready to start "Blogging for LGBT Families."

I took a quick peak at the other early bird bloggers. the OTHER mother recounts the lengths she and her partner go to establish legal protection for their children. Samantha challenges us to expand our definition of LGBT family. hbaby feels the pain and frustration in trying to start a "family of choice".

The true beauty of the new blogging culture is the opportunity for all of us to share our varied experiences with one another. We've come along way from the small local gay parenting groups of 20 years ago.

A big thank you to to Dana Rudolph (Mombian) for organizing this grassroots event in the blogosphere. (And to Abigail for passing it on...)

...and come back again this month as the new queerspawn.community unfolds...

May 24, 2006

tragicomic: fun home

I just placed my order for Alison Bechdel's new graphic novel Fun Home about growing up with a her gay father. For your own copy... click through to Powells or Amazon.

Meet Alison on the Fun Home tour. I plan on stopping by one of the San Francisco Bay Area events (June 12-14). Anyone want to join me?