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June 01, 2007

Blogging for LGBT Families: Round 2

In accordance with the second annual "Blogging for LGBT Families" Day I'm finally making it back to this blog to say something. I've been woefully negligent in posting over here, so apologies all around. Queerspawn.com might yet become something denser but I can't do it alone. I'm looking for folks who want to help build this site into an active discourse between queerspawn. Think Huffington Post for kids of queers. If you are reading this... and have an interest send me an email: katerw at queerspawn dot com.

And in the meantime... check out the growing list of participants into today's blogging at founder Mombian.com. As of this morning the list is mostly parents but there are a few notable posts from queerspawn including tireless activist Abigail Garner's mini-manifesto on how the queer community can be more inclusive towards adult queerspawn (in video no less) and Tobi Hill-Meyer's story of translating her trans identity to her lesbian moms.

COLAGE is also jumping on the blogging bandwagon, with the intention of getting all of their chapters blogging this year. So far Boston, Chicago, Connecticut, New Orleans, New York City and Philly are posting.

Since comments are down on this site right now, drop me an email if you have suggestions or want to join: katerw at queerspawn dot com.