June 13, 2006

Fun Home in San Francisco

Have I plugged this book enough yet?

This evening, 6 of us COLAGErs stopped by the SF LGBT Center to hear Allison Bechdel. She read two sections of the book and demonstrated her creative process by showing what it takes to draw one panel. (About two weeks worth of work.)

And she took questions... Allison seemed shocked that the audience was interested not only in her family's reaction to the book but also the nitty gritty details of her construction. Down to what software was used to make the font of her handwriting. You gotta love the tech-saavy Bay Area crowd.

Having finished the book I am equally amazed by her drawing skills as I am by her writing/storytelling abilities. Go. Read it.

Especially since this is a book that makes no attempt to beautify growing up with gay father. So often queerspawn feel obligated to put on a pretty face, to be that perfect "poster child." Allison tells her story, with unabashed and non-judgemental honesty. Refreshing.

Thank you, Allison. For using your gift to tell a story that we can relate to.

allison bechdel tonight

I'm going to catch Allison Bechdel in SF tonight with a bunch of other queerspawn.

Tonight, Tuesday June 13:
Q Cultural Center, co-sponsored by the Cartoon Art Museum and A Different Light Bookstore, 8:00 pm, 934 Brannan St, Second Fl., Rainbow Room

Wednesday, June 14:
Cody’s Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, 7:30 PM

Allison's Fun Home Tour Page

May 24, 2006

tragicomic: fun home

I just placed my order for Alison Bechdel's new graphic novel Fun Home about growing up with a her gay father. For your own copy... click through to Powells or Amazon.

Meet Alison on the Fun Home tour. I plan on stopping by one of the San Francisco Bay Area events (June 12-14). Anyone want to join me?