June 02, 2006

our fifteen seconds of it

I recognize that it's quite self-indulgent to focus on myself for the first fameFriday but stay with me for a moment...

First off, I am not famous. I'm no celebrity (nor do I want to be). But like many other queerspawn, I often feel like a poster child for the movement.

Many of us in the queerspawn community are thrust into the spotlight, by choice or by circumstance. Some of us choose to speak out in order for the outside world to understand about our families. And sometimes we have no choice. When the legislature decides one of your parents is not legally allowed to adopt you, you no longer have the privilege to stay quiet.

Thankfully for me and my family, appearing in the media has always been on our terms. When my father came out he told me never to hide, never to be ashamed of my family... and I never have been. Talking to reporters, appearing on TV, writing letters to the editors... these are the tools that we queerspawn have to share our stories with the rest of the world.

It's been fifteen years since I first talked to a reporter about my family, and the idea of having gay parents is still news.

on future fameFridays we'll dig deeper looking at the queerspawn that become "celebrities" and celebrities who happen to be queerspawn.