February 25, 2006

gay adoption debate

The Mid-Term election season is on. It seems that the right is using gay adoption as their wedge issue, like they used gay marriage in 2004.

The buzz around gay adoption is getting louder and louder... And unfortunately, their higher-paid PR people are getting some good placement.

Yesterday, Boston NPR affiliate, WBUR's "On the Point" allotted an hour to the subject. Listen on their website. And watch out for upcoming shows that have call in opportunities. Our voices are critically important during this debate.

Meanwhile, February 20th USA Today printed a large feature on "Drives to ban gay adoption heat up in 16 states" and "Both sides on gay adoption cite concern for children."

This is surely only the beginning....

December 08, 2005

global gay marriage

This week Brits will now be able to register for civil partnerships. And last week South Africa's highest court ruled in favor of gay marriage.

Check out the Dec 6th Talk of the Nation segment on "Examining Gay Marriage Abroad."