April 11, 2007

A Great Play about Growing Up with Gay Dads

A Great Play about Growing Up with Gay Dads

November 03, 2006

We are everywhere RoseAnn

With this being my first post to the QueerSpawn.Community, let me pause to introduce myself. Ryan LaLonde here, proud son of a lesbian-appearing mother (she is bi but in a relationship with my other “mom” for 21 plus years…you know how this goes). To the outside world, she is a lesbian mother. Anyway, I reside in Silver Springs, Maryland, which is neither silver nor springy…I am also involved with COLAGE, as DC chapter coordinator and Board of Directors chair.

A while back I did some research on famous and not so famous kids with LGBT parents. Grounding our work in history and celebritydom makes us feel like we are not alone. Even though we meet each other at different events, the people who I found stay with me in my mind as steadfast examples to throw out randomly…it especially makes for a great part game…guess who had queer parents.

Now the list is ever-changing and I ask for more names as time goes along. I would also like to note that a camp I work with called Mountain Meadow based in Philly is a camp for kids with Queer parents and they ran with this list and created this great resource for the kids…

The list is diverse, Anne Heche, Natasha Richardson, Dorothy Dandridge, OJ Simpson, Jody Foster and now even Carl Rove. Even though we may not want certain people in our community because we do not agree with their views, opinions or actions, that fact is all us queerspawn come from very different places, but even if we pulled all these people together with different views into a room, I bet we would find many common experiences.

June 27, 2006

spawnosphere: post-pride

Another Last Sunday in June has come and gone.

Here and San Francisco COLAGE partnered with local organization Our Family Coalition for a large parade contingent and the ever popular "Family Garden." The garden is a wildly successful sectioned off playground area for kids to play during the festival.

Meanwhile, pride thoughts out in the spawnosphere...

Abigail posted a great photo of herself at a previous NYC pride parade.

Susan indulges in the Twin Cities' pride despite the growing corporate presence at the festival.

Am I Nuts? finds the queerspawn community, pointing out that all too often we ignore the people in our community who have bisexual parents who happen to be married in "straight" relationships.

May 31, 2006

Blogging for LGBT Families

While it's not quite June 1st over here in California, I'm ready to start "Blogging for LGBT Families."

I took a quick peak at the other early bird bloggers. the OTHER mother recounts the lengths she and her partner go to establish legal protection for their children. Samantha challenges us to expand our definition of LGBT family. hbaby feels the pain and frustration in trying to start a "family of choice".

The true beauty of the new blogging culture is the opportunity for all of us to share our varied experiences with one another. We've come along way from the small local gay parenting groups of 20 years ago.

A big thank you to to Dana Rudolph (Mombian) for organizing this grassroots event in the blogosphere. (And to Abigail for passing it on...)

...and come back again this month as the new unfolds...