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finding queerspawn.community

Before I launched queerspawn.community I installed Mint to keep track of who is checking out the site and where they come from.

I've learned some really interesting things...

Most viewed entry on the blog: Doner Sibling Registry (22 times)
Unique Visitors for November: 115
Unique Visitors so far in December: 102

Why am I doing this?
The particularities of who's who is of no interest to me (nor is it available.) What is important is how you find the site. Are you coming to this site from a link somewhere else? Or did you find the site through Google? I want this site to be accessible to as many people as possible, so it is helpful to know where you are coming from in order to get the site out to more readers.

Today I noticed that I had two visitors who came from searching "my dads gay" in google. I have no idea who searched for this, but now I know you are searching out there...

I hope queerspawn.com can provide some answers and community.


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