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as a part of this hidden minority i grew up with a burden thats silence did not ease its weight. my personality at home with my dad differed from my character around my mother and even more so from my public self. with age, however, came understanding and eventually true appreciation. having a gay father, what i had seen as embarrassing and compromising of my ideal vision of family transformed into a precious asset.

queerspawn defines a community that values having nontraditional parents. to identify as a member of this community i cannot hold a passive perspective. others may disagree, but i find that being a member of a community means playing an active role. there aren't communities for people with blue eyes, right? it's not just about biological fact - it's a living, breathing piece of my character. because accessibility to queer resources is severely limited due to disease, stigma, and a scattered population i have a responsibility as the gay son of a gay man to share my experiences, observations, and stories.

i own my homosexuality. i am thankful for my father's homosexuality. most importantly i treasure our queer family and i never take for granted the opportunities and human lessons afforded to me because of it.

--Brendan Ranson Walsh


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