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blogging queerspawn: oddvitamins

Another queerspawn in the blogosphere....

Emily from Illinois blogs on oddvitamins.blogspot.com

A sampling:

coming out, recoiling in
the goddamn pater familias

"That said, she has an 8 year old son. I am the child of a gay parent also. My father decided after several years of marriage and two children that he was gay. And I’ll be perfectly honest, it fucked me up. I was 20 years old when I found out, but it was still enough to send me into a state of shock so resonant I couldn’t keep my job or my sanity. I completely fell apart and I am still barely learning how to put my life back together."


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I had no idea what I wrote connected with anybody in a similar situation--people don't tend to leave comments on my page. Anyway, I hope at the very least what I have written makes somebody else who's in my shoes feel like they aren't alone. I will be giving you a shout-out and talking about this more on my page. I hope you will visit again and read my thoughts after passing by here (within the next day or so) and I will continue to skulk around this new page...

I hope you are well. Thanks for quoting me. Makes me think maybe it was worth it to share that stuff online.

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