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Donor Sibling Registry

Last week the New York Times printed an article on children from donor finding each other through the web. The site is nothing new but publicity through the Times marks a new level of public awareness.

Through the site, Donor Sibling Registry, children of donors are able to list themselves and find their half-siblings. According to the site, there have been over 1,000 half-siblings connected so far.

Up until last week, I had only heard a few stories here and there of children and parents connecting over a shared donor. It makes sense that there is now a website to facilitate this communication.

What are your experiences with linking up half-siblings or with this particular site?

New York Times Article "Hello, I'm Your Sister. Our Father is Donor 150"
Donor Sibling Registry Site

You can use username: queerspawn and password: queerspawn to access the article.


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Hello, I am 23yrs old and I am the product of artifical insemination. Recently my mom and I tried to get more information on my donor(biological father) but I have unfortunately run into a brick wall. The clinic has informed me that MOST files are destroyed after 10yrs time. Is this legal, and if the paper file was destroyed, would they have copied it onto some type of computer disc or document? How will i ever find my donors #? If I cannot find my donors #, will I still be able to find donor siblings???? PLEASE HELP!!

We are looking for siblings from donor #1644.

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