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"the most disturbing phrase yet"

How timely. Just a few days after the launch of queerspawn.com a self-proclaimed conservative blogger, Daniel, proclaimed that he finds queerspawn "the most disturbing phrase yet."

He says it shouldn't be our badge of honor... too bad. Its a hell of a lot easier than "i'm the daughter of a gay dad and a striaght mom who split when i was 8." Queerspawn is just a tad snappier.

Thanks Noel... for finding this.


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Wow, that's my workshop that he found out about the word queerspawn from!

What about just being a child? Do you really think that being called a "queerspawn" is something to be proud of?

I think that "I'm my mother and father's daughter" is a hell of a lot easier, and much healthier, than any of the alternatives.

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