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summarySunday: June 4, 2006

It's like the Sunday Times' Week in Review... only not...

On Thursday, the first annual Blogging for LGBT families day occurred. An amazing 132 blogs posted. Congratulations to Dana Rudolph for organizing the successful day. (For more, listen to her interview on the Gay Parenting Show.)

I did a run through and scanned, if not read, all 132 postings. Overwhelmingly, the majority of the posts were parents of young kids or couples trying to become parents. There were also a number of postings by people who wanted to raise awareness of LGBT family issues even if they might not be in one themselves. Surprisingly, only a few posts from people who identified themselves as having one or more gay parent.

There's lots of great stuff out there to read, but if you only have a few minutes here are my three favorites:

Abigail Garner's brilliant welcome to queerspawn post on Damn Straight. While you are there, check out the comment by a parent a non-parent lesbian who cringes at the term "queerspawn." Reminds me of the debates of use of "queer." [Thanks to Abigail for correcting me. Late night posting got the best of me.]

Lukas Blakk's great video blog on growing up with "a couple of moms a couple of times."

Januari's anecdote of meeting her lesbian birth mom.

Enjoy! And see you Monday...


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I'm glad you've been enjoying the posts from Blogging for LGBT Families Day, Kate. Thanks for the nice comments. People have contributed some amazing and inspiring stories. I, too, wish there were more entries by queerspawn, though I'm grateful to those of you who did take the time to write. Maybe next year.... In the meantime, I look forward to reading queerspawn writings in the ongoing blog posts here and on all of your blogs.

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