March 12, 2007

Transitioning with Your Family

Do you think that for Travis, this situation could have been better handled?

With the mayor at his side, longtime Largo City, Florida Manager Steve Stanton disclosed to the St. Petersburg Times on Wednesday that he is undergoing hormone therapy and counseling in preparation for a sex-change operation.
Through the process, which could take well over a year, Stanton plans to remain as the chief executive of the city of 76,000. He has the support of Mayor Pat Gerard, elected last March.
"He's a dedicated city manager and puts his job first," said Gerard, who learned of the decision Jan. 1.
Stanton, 48, said he eventually will change his name to Susan, the name his late mother would have given him if he had been a girl.
Married with a 13-year-old son, Stanton said he has thought of becoming a woman since childhood. He said he has gone out in public as a woman in recent years, but only in places like Orlando, Atlanta and Chicago.
Stanton had planned to announce his decision in June so his son could be out of town. But that changed this week after the Times heard of possible changes in Stanton's life and approached him. He and Gerard described in detail his decision and plans Wednesday morning.

Steven Stanton on Talking to his Son, Travis

There was a lot of discussion about my insensitivity to my son’s needs. Everybody thought that he learned from the news media. He did not learn from the news media. He learned from mom and dad that night sitting in our living room. We talked about courage, we talked about conviction, we talked about doing something that was so personally sensitive that his daddy had been struggling with as a very small boy.

We talked about the inside growing up and matching the outside and that I was going through the process of trying to make the outside and the inside the same. And we talked about the core values that make people, people and make a dad, a dad and make a relationship between the son and the father sustainable over time irrespective of one’s gender. And he’s been great. He has been super, he has not missed a day at school, he’s not missed an hour of school.

June 04, 2006

summarySunday: June 4, 2006

It's like the Sunday Times' Week in Review... only not...

On Thursday, the first annual Blogging for LGBT families day occurred. An amazing 132 blogs posted. Congratulations to Dana Rudolph for organizing the successful day. (For more, listen to her interview on the Gay Parenting Show.)

I did a run through and scanned, if not read, all 132 postings. Overwhelmingly, the majority of the posts were parents of young kids or couples trying to become parents. There were also a number of postings by people who wanted to raise awareness of LGBT family issues even if they might not be in one themselves. Surprisingly, only a few posts from people who identified themselves as having one or more gay parent.

There's lots of great stuff out there to read, but if you only have a few minutes here are my three favorites:

Abigail Garner's brilliant welcome to queerspawn post on Damn Straight. While you are there, check out the comment by a parent a non-parent lesbian who cringes at the term "queerspawn." Reminds me of the debates of use of "queer." [Thanks to Abigail for correcting me. Late night posting got the best of me.]

Lukas Blakk's great video blog on growing up with "a couple of moms a couple of times."

Januari's anecdote of meeting her lesbian birth mom.

Enjoy! And see you Monday...